Have you ever wondered what a Personal Trainer can bring to your exercise regime, your body, your confidence or your approach to exercise that your current fitness routine simply can’t provide?

Read on to further understand the different ways in which investing in a Personal Trainer can enhance the way you exercise.

They make sure that the exercise you are doing is perfectly suited to your body type, your ability, your history, and your individual preferences-

No two people look the same, act the same, or are capable of the same things. This means everyone’s personal requirements are different when it comes to exercise. Some may feel as if the current exercise they do is frankly too easy, or too difficult for them, some may be trying to bounce back from an injury, some may just not enjoy e.g., burpees and some may have a phobia which impacts on where they work out. Whatever your specifics are, a Personal Trainer will assure that you are exercising to acknowledge, and then benefit these elements.

They can teach your mind, as well as train your body-

Education is paramount and having someone who can answer all your questions on everything that compliments the actual exercise that you are doing, such as transferring you knowledge on nutrition, or explaining the breakdown of biological processes which occur in your body whilst you exercise will provide you with such an upgraded lens when you work out. Being taken back to school is something necessary when trying to accomplish something properly, but at school you had to be in at 8.30 when you didn’t want to be, whereas our Personal Trainers will accommodate to YOUR schedule.

They can make sure you don’t injure yourself both when you are and when you aren’t with them-

Our Personal Trainers will ensure that you are using correct technique, held with the correct posture to increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine, but also in order to massively reduce the risk of injury. Many people every year are seriously injured by performing exercises they have not received training for, which can have detrimental long-term effects. Some core units of Level 2 Fitness Instructing are ‘Health and safety activity’ and ‘How to control risks in a fitness environment’, so your PT will make sure you are protected in regards to injury.

They will listen to your specific goals, long-term or short-term, and make plans with you to reach them-

A Personal Trainer can keep you on track to hit long-term goals such as weight loss, improved core strength or greater strength overall, but also short-term goals such as losing an amount of weight in a certain time period so that you can do a certain activity that has a weight threshold. The biggest misconception is that one can just ‘work towards’ a goal, you have to holistically plan, such as mixing cardio with weights and flexibility, making alterations in your diet, and setting a timeframe in which these things can be achieved- which a Personal Trainer would build for you. A study revealed that people coached by personal trainers lost an average of 9% of their body weight in a 24-week weight loss course [ACE – 2012], the proof is in the pudding.

And lastly, they will have your back, propel you and make you smile-

Having a routine and working towards controllable things has long been known to help with mental health challenges, and keeping you motivated through tougher times. Your PT will support you, leaving you feeling able to voice any concerns and struggles you may have with your overall well-being. Your Personal Trainer has your back. AND WHO DOESN’T NEED MOTIVATION? Having a Personal Trainer ensures that you will work your body as much as your future self would want you to. It is undeniable that you are far more likely to exercise if you’ve made an appointment to meet your trainer for a session who will hold you accountable, than if you simply had a plan to do a YouTube workout in the living room.

If these benefits sound like something that you would like to experience, then visit the new Personal Training segment of our Website to start your PT journey!