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Here at Studio Society, we don’t just guide you through your meditation class, we also create the perfect enhanced environment to help you focus, de-stress and rejuvenate. From the calming tailored scents to the peaceful sounds and the relaxing lighting to the tranquil displays that line the studio walls, our immersive meditation classes are an invigorating experience whether you are new to or familiar with the holistic practice.

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‘It’s Amazing - like working out in an IMAX. It’s the future people’

Paul Irwin - Studio Society Member

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Benefits of Meditation

Improving our mental wellness plays an important part in achieving our physical and aesthetic goals. By reducing your stress levels, you can not only improve your performance abilities during exercise but also balance the growth hormones required to repair and build muscle, boost your overall vitality and manage your weight effectively. As soon as you leave one of our immersive meditation classes you will feel instantly relaxed, focused and in a balanced state of mind ready to take on the world.