At Studio Society we don’t just train the muscles in the body - we also train the muscles of our minds with our meditation classes. These sessions are specifically designed to increase your resilience and focus. They are the perfect way to rejuvenate, relieve stress, increase self-awareness and even give a gentle boost to your cardio. Our meditation coaches have nearly ten years' experience in practising meditation, and backgrounds in psychology, health-behaviour change and mindfulness. With a philosophy that wellbeing is a skill we can all practise to help lead healthier and happier lives, our meditation classes are open, welcoming and available for everyone. If you are completely new to meditation, are experienced and looking to take some weight off your mind or anywhere in between – you can still find a space of happiness and acceptance. If you need a space in which to centre yourself, come and join one of our meditation classes, today.

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Our Meditation classes

Mind Matters

Our Mind Matters, Meditation and Mindfulness classes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced meditators alike, offering an opportunity to explore two foundational exercises: Mindfulness of Breath and The Body Scan. With health benefits including, relief from stress, increased concentration, boosted self-awareness, happiness and acceptance, as well as gentle benefits to your cardio, our meditation classes will work the muscles of the mind, leaving our other classes to work on your body. Make time to rest, settle and de-stress – book our mind matters meditation class today.
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