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Our dance fitness classes are specially designed to provide a high-speed workout, while enjoying the endorphin-boosting freedom and expression of dance. Our range of classes, are available for all levels of fitness and dance ability and guarantee a fun-filled calorie burning workout, while moving to the music. For old school dance anthems and challenging cardio, book a HouseFunk Class.

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‘It’s Amazing - like working out in an IMAX. It’s the future people’

Paul Irwin - Studio Society Member

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Join our Studio Society community and train alongside some of the most dedicated and motivating fitness experts in London.



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Take your workout to the next level

Take your workouts to the next level using sight, sound and scent to stimulate the mind and body for ‘the UK’s most exciting fitness experience’.

Studio Society specialises in group training, combining all the latest workouts with cutting edge technology led by the best instructors in London.

Focussing on the three core pillars of fitness cardio, strength and mobility training our all day everyday timetable features an extensive variety of classes including Yoga, HIIT, spin, box and lots more. So whether you want to lose weight, tone up or improve your flexibility we have the classes to help you reach your fitness goals.