Sculpt your muscles and create the shape and strength you want with this wide range of classes designed to show you what your body can do.

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Our Toning classes

Curve Conditioning

This is a rhythm based body-weight class designed to tighten and tone your core and lower body. Establish strength and gain definition in your legs and glutes through Curve Conditioning.

Core Determination

A quick-fire class that actively engages your abs and lower back with a focus on muscular endurance and cardio performance. Core stabilisation exercises can be more effective than physical therapy to reduce back pain. This class is great for burning fat and developing core strength.

Barre Express

Barre Express is an uplifting and energising full body workout inspired by ballet technique. The class focuses on strength exercises, designed to help you improve core stability, posture, alignment and flexibility. Barre has been acknowledged as the new go to fitness class to build a lean, dancer-like physique. You don't need a dance background to enjoy this class - commit to Barre and see dramatic results.


Society L.A.B. targets those specific problem areas that most of us wish could be tighter, firmer and perkier: legs, abs and bums. Strengthen, tone and define in this calorie-bashing class. Using our burn pyramid interval sets you will squat, crunch and lunge your way to success.

Aero Sculpt

The high-energy workout that combines cardio and Pilates to actively condition your whole body. If you want to tone up, get flexible and burn calories then you can’t miss this class.


This fiercely energetic power-house class targets and strengthens your core. HardCore teaches your body to exert energy for maximum athletic output whilst targeting major muscle groups and focusing on core stability, strength, stamina and tone whilst building lean muscle.
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