The ancient practice of yoga brings together mind, body and soul using a series of physical poses in a range of styles to suit you, whatever your goals.

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Our yoga classes

Yin / Yang Yoga Flow

Improve your flexibility and find your inner calm on a journey to tranquility. With Yin / Yang Yoga Flow you will hold a series of strong physical postures and relaxed seated positions to sync the body and mind, leaving you feeling balanced and ready to take on the world. *Please bring a yoga mat.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Vinyasa Flow style of yoga is a dynamic system of movements that creates heat, removes blocks, and increases strength and flexibility. Vinyasa is an incredible mind/body workout that takes students on an amazing journey. Experience the pleasure and joy that comes with this rejuvenating class. Namaste. *Please bring a yoga mat.

Hatha Yoga

This class will invigorate, refresh and motivate you for the day ahead. A combination of body postures, breathing exercises and techniques that promote flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. Students can work at their own level in a non-competitive, safe environment. *Please bring a yoga mat.

Beginners Yoga

Great for those new to yoga or yogis returning after some time away. This is a shorter class, so you can discover what works for you in no time at all. Join our experienced trainers who work with you to achieve a physical, mental, and emotional balance in your everyday.
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