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Exercise for new mums

We get lots of questions at our EMS classes about EMS training and what it can do for new mums. Well, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training is perfect for you if you want to work on repairing and strengthening your body after giving birth.

It’s crucial not to overdo it when it comes to working out after your body has been through any kind of trauma, so EMS is focused on gently stimulating the muscles in your lower abdomen and strengthening your pelvic floor. And, this is amongst many other worthwhile benefits.

In just 20 minutes, you can do a full-body EMS workout that will put your body through the right amount of stress to encourage repair without putting you at any risk of overdoing it.

EMS training | Your questions answered

1. Why are new mums choosing EMS training?

It’s quick (but highly effective)

We understand you might want to be as spending as little time away from your baby as possible. Our EMS training sessions last just 20 minutes, so you’ll be back with your little one in no time. A 20-minute EMS training session is just the right amount of time for stimulating the muscles that need activated all over your body and means that in just 20 minutes you get a full body workout that will boost your post-birth recovery. We know time is precious for new mums and so something as efficient as EMS is a great way to get post-natal women working on themselves again, if that’s what you want to do.

EMS safely tones your abdominal muscles

In order to begin exercising in a safe way after pregnancy and birth, taking it slow and gentle is key. Otherwise, you could end up causing further trauma to your body. EMS is particularly gentle on your abdominal muscles so it allows you to build up strength again over time with just a few minutes of training a week.

The birthing process can be really tough on your abdominal muscles. A particularly long labour will mean your muscles are in a strained state for a prolonged period of time and just remember that this is after they’ve been weakened over the course of your pregnancy. Over the course of those 9 months, the muscles in your abdomen can really take a hit. For many new mums, we find that these muscles have lengthened and separated over that time.

EMS helps strengthen your pelvic floor

This is probably the most common reason we see postnatal women coming to our EMS classes. New mums will often experience pelvic floor weakness after giving birth and this can cause unpleasant symptoms like incontinence which can last for a very long time – especially if you choose not to do anything about it.

EMS training will focus on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles so that you will experience less pelvic floor weakness in general. This is bound to be good news for any new mum reading this. Using very gentle bodyweight exercises, just right for the amount of stress you are able to put your body through at this time, you will be able to target the muscles that affect your pelvic floor strength.

EMS directly stimulates the specific muscles in your abdomen, buttocks and legs that are connected to your pelvic floor muscles and makes them contract. It’s this contraction that will reduce that weakness and get your pelvic floor strong again after giving birth.

Meeting other new mums

We understand that postnatal women can begin to feel a little isolated as they adjust to life as a new mum with new responsibilities to keep them busy and a new kind of daily routine. All this means they mightn’t be spending as much time with the people they once were. We believe it’s important to make some time for yourself as a new mum, and attending EMS classes is a great way to do this as you’ll be meeting other new mums who are in a similar situation to yourself.


2. Is EMS always safe?

EMS is extremely gentle and will help your body with the recovery process after giving birth. So whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or you’ve had a caesarean delivery, the same rules apply.

Because we don’t know the ins and outs of your baby’s particular birth, we will always check that you’ve spoken to your doctor to give the go-ahead before taking up EMS training. That go-ahead will reassure you that your body is completely ready to begin that healing process with gentle exercise.

We get a lot of new mums asking about having had a prolapse and taking up EMS training. Well, one of the key benefits of EMS is the effect it can have on regaining your pelvic floor strength. There are specific pelvic floor exercises which you can include in your training that are proven to reduce incontinence.


3. When can I start EMS training after giving birth?

The answer to this question will vary on the kind of trauma your body went through when delivering your baby. Some new mums can start gentle training at just 6 weeks after giving birth. For other mums, it can take more than a year before their body is ready for exercise again. You will need to speak to a doctor before starting any kind of training to get the go-ahead.


4. Can I do EMS alongside breastfeeding?

If you’re a breastfeeding mum, there’s nothing to stop you from doing EMS training. Strangely, we have found that babies don’t tend to breastfeed well after training and we don’t know why this is. For this reason, we recommend breastfeeding before any EMS training you do. This will probably mean you’re a little more comfortable when you come to train anyway. We aren’t experts in breastfeeding, so we’ll always recommend asking your doctor about this if you’re unsure.

EMS training at Studio Society

Studio Society offers EMS classes for new mums and anyone else who wants to reap the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. Our studios combine sight, sound and smell to give you a sensory and fully immersive experience for those 20 minutes of highly targeted training.

We offer over 250 classes, so you can combine your EMS training with other gentle exercises like yoga before you might want to work your way back up to more intense training like HIIT, body pump or boxing.


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