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EMS (Electrical or Electro Muscle Stimulation) can be really tough at the beginning, but as you get into the flow and into a routine of EMS training, it’s not long before your body gets used to the additional stress and you start to see results. Here’s our outline of what you can expect from taking up EMS training over a 3 month long period. The time stamps we use should give you an idea of what to expect, week by week, so you can get an idea of the stages your body will go through from beginning to end and what results you can expect to see after your 12 weeks.

What is EMS training and why choose it for short term goals?

Electro Muscle Stimulation is popping up in gyms all over the UK to give gym goers that extra challenge they might be looking for. There are many benefits to EMS and people are choosing it because of its time saving aspect. We’re all getting busier and so one of the main perks of EMS is that you can carry on with putting the same amount of time into your workouts but add the electrical stimulation to push your muscles that little bit further. EMS suits or vests are worn which target the areas you want to develop and personal trainers can help you focus on a results-driven EMS training period.

If you are hoping to shape up for a particular event that’s coming up; be that a trip, a wedding or that summer bod you’ve always been working towards, EMS training is something you can pick up for a period of 12 weeks that will allow you to intensify your results, using the same or similar exercises that you’re used to at the gym. One or two training sessions with EMS per week is  onsidered to be a safe amount, so before you begin, plan out your 12 weeks to ensure you don’t let yourself fall behind schedule.

EMS training over 3 months | What to expect

Week 1-3 | Embrace the burn

Week 1-3 will probably be the toughest time period of the 3 months. Even if you’re an avid gym goer, the additional stress the electro stimulation puts on your body will be tough and the intensity mightn’t be something you’re used to. Expect to feel sore and tired, but focus on the end point. After your first couple of EMS sessions, you might start to notice some reduction in bloating. Hopefully this will give you that boost you need to keep going with your training.

Week 2-6 | Weight loss

After this, within the first 6 weeks, this is when you will see the numbers on your scales start to go down. Again, seeing results like this can be really encouraging when you’re putting in the hard work. Don’t be tempted to let up at this point and reduce your training. It is key to stick to that schedule you set yourself at the beginning.

Week 6-9 | Stabilising weight and muscle gain

At this point, you might see that the figures on your scales start to stabilise. Don’t be disappointed when this happens. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and so after an initial period of fat loss, stabilising weight is a really positive sign. It means that your EMS sessions are now increasing your muscle mass and muscle strength. Keep up the momentum.

Week 9-12 | See results

By now, you should start to see the physical effects of your Electro Muscle Stimulation. Whatever your goal was – whether that be a visible 6 pack, slightly more toned arms and legs or an all-round beach-ready body, this is when you can start to see results. Finish your 12 weeks strong, keep up the same pace and keep an eye on your diet and other lifestyle choices. Staying focussed on that event or holiday means that when it comes around, you can reap the rewards of an intensive 3 month long EMS training schedule and enjoy those results knowing you’ve put everything in that you were able to.

EMS at Studio Society

Studio Society offer Electro Muscle Stimulation in West Hampstead for anyone who is ready to take their workouts to the next level. We have two of the most immersive exercise studios in the UK which make use of floor to ceiling visuals, surround sound and choreographed lighting to suit every class.

If you want to give EMS a try, we have an introductory class which you can book onto here. While you’re there, take a look at our studios online and discover what becoming a member of Studio Society includes.


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