We have two of the UK’s most advanced immersive training studios, featuring floor to ceiling visuals, surround sound and choreographed lighting. Whether it’s working out on Bali beach or a disco-themed EMS HIIT session, our vast range of ever-changing sounds, scenes and scenarios ensure a truly unique workout experience.


  1. Too busy to exercise? A 20-minute EMS workout can offer the same results as a 90-minute high-intensity gym class. It is enough to do one or two weekly sessions which can also be added to your existing workout routine to maximise results.
  2. Don’t want to lift heavy weights? Our workouts engage up to 98% of your muscles, compared to the 60% you might use in the gym, and burn up to 500kcal in just 20 minutes. Low-impact exercises ensure minimum stress on shoulders, back and knees.
  3. Is EMS safe? Yes, EMS is scientifically proven to be effective and safe by reputable sports institutions, and has been used by doctors, health clinics, physiotherapists and professional athletes for more than 50 years around the world.

We currently offer EMS training at Studio Society, West Hampstead every Tuesday and Thursday from 7am to 5pm.

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