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A brand new multi-sensory fitness experience.

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Take your studio classes to the next level

Our studios are built to take group exercise to another dimension. Adding a layer of sight, sound and scent to your experience. Take a yoga class to the back-drop of a beach in Bali, where you hear lapping waves and smell sun cream, or whizz along to an electro-themed Spin class. Our immersive environment is designed to heighten the effects of group exercise. We use floor to ceiling visuals, tailored lighting and surround sound to make our exercise classes as invigorating as possible. Prepare to be catapulted to another realm for a powerful total body workout. We truly take group exercise to another level.

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Yoga | HIIT | Spin | Boxing | Pilates | Barre | Body Pump | Core Strength | Zumba

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‘It’s Amazing - like working out in an IMAX. It’s the future people’

Paul Irwin - Studio Society Member

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Benefits of studio classes

There are many benefits of group exercise, like fostering a sense of community, building momentum and motivation, or holding yourself accountable by working out with a buddy. We boast an exciting roister of classes, designed for every mood, body and goal: improve flexibility and strengthen your core with Yoga. Blow off steam and build strength with our Martial Arts classes. Or sculpt muscle and boost metabolism with Spin. Experience our superb instructors and feel the invigorating effects of group exercise. Our classes are built to tantalize your senses and soul – step in and see for yourself.