Grazia Esposito


Meet Grazia Esposito – Personal Training Manager .

Grazia is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world. Her journey kicked off at Gymbox, where she spent years mastering her craft and becoming the go-to class master and PT. From there, she claimed the title of UK Wellness Champion in the bodybuilding category not just once, but multiple times. Impressive, right?

But Grazia’s not just about muscles and medals. She stepped into the corporate world, shaking things up as the class master for Blue Prism. And, noticing a gap in the market for new mums, she founded “Mums & Movement”, a dedicated app for pre and post-natal fitness. Because every mum deserves to feel her best.

In a nutshell? Whether you’re looking to build muscle, find corporate fitness solutions, or get back into shape post-baby, Grazia’s your woman.

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