Synced Music Motivation Workout is guaranteed to get you moving. The class reverse engineers the beat of the music, to match moves and intensity and give a fun-filled fully body workout. Our Strong Nation class will leave no muscle group un-worked, ensuring a high-intensity muscle toning, fat burning workout, with music as good for your soul as it is your body. Strong Nation is available for all levels of fitness and experience, whether you’re a beginner, looking for a music-led, full body toning workout, or a Zumba pro, looking to expand on your fitness and carry on moving to the music. Our skilled instructors are dedicated to training and supporting you every step of the way, as well as the music being specifically tailored to the class and to keep your body moving. You will leave this class feeling energised, leaner, and stronger. In Zumba, every beat has a move! Every move has a beat!