Our high-intensity BoxFIT classes involve gloves and padwork in small groups to help you build lean muscle, and increase your coordination and stamina.

Over the course of a high-intensity 40 minutes, you’ll be going through a range of different movements that you’d expect to see in a fighter’s training regime, burning upwards of 500 calories in the process.

You’ll be focusing on punching exercises with a partner that build coordination and confidence, various cardiovascular exercises to increase your metabolism and stamina, and ab workouts that build muscle and help you lose weight.

High-intensity workouts like Studio Society’s BoxFIT class have benefits that last beyond the classroom. They increase your metabolism, help you focus and concentrate, and increase your general coordination and agility. Not to mention the stress relief you get from throwing a few punches…

Contact us today to book your spot in our invigorating BoxFIT classes.

IMPORTANT: We only have a limited number of gloves available for our members to use. It’s recommended to bring your own gloves.