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A brand new multi-sensory fitness experience.

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Immersive fitness classes West Hampstead

Studio Society is a fully immersive gym combining sight, sound and smell with innovative classes to bring you the most effective, stimulating and compelling group exercise experience on the market. Offering over 150 gym classes including body pump, HIIT, boxing, yoga and spin you will find harmony between physical exercise and sensory motivation.

Spin Classes West Hampstead

Our Ride room hosts both Live and Virtual spinning classes and boasts the latest Keiser M3 bikes as well as mood lighting and a state of the art Bose Sound system, come to lose both your body fat, and yourself in the music!
Les Mills Classes

HIIT Classes West Hampstead

Prepare yourself for the cardio workout of your life, fire up your metabolism in your ‘push’ periods, and breathe it out in your ‘rest’ periods, improve your cardiovascular fitness enabling you to push your boundaries and see fast results. Your fat burners will get fired up like nothing else can make them.
HITT Classes

Martial Arts Classes West Hampstead

Our Martial Arts Classes involve dynamic movements and a diverse range of techniques, combining stress release and getting fit. Train your body and your mind to work in harmony, with our expert Personal Trainers helping you perfect your form, and tone that body!
Martial Arts

Dance Classes West Hampstead

These dance orientated workout classes will provide you with elevated confidence, whilst your body gains tone- walk out with an increase in general mood every time.
Dance Classes

Cardio Workout Classes West Hampstead

Our Cardio Classes will strengthen your heart and get that blood pumping more efficiently pumping throughout your body, as well as an increase in your general endurance and stamina capacity throughout every day.
Cardio Classes

Workout Classes West Hampstead

Our Cardio Classes will strengthen your heart and get that blood pumping more efficiently pumping throughout your body, as well as an increase in your general endurance and stamina capacity throughout every day.
Workout Classes

Barre Workout Classes West Hampstead

Our Barre Workout Classes are an uplifting and energising full body work out inspired by Ballet technique, but also infused with aspects of Pilates and yoga. Barre helps with muscle strengthening and toning without increasing bulk and will improve your posture.
Barre Workout

Zumba Classes West Hampstead

Our Zumba Classes combine dance and aerobic moves to create a fun and diverse Latin Dance Class for all abilities. Enjoy a challenging cardio work out and get in the zone with the help of Samba music and the encouraging energy of our Personal Trainers.
Zumba Classes

Boot Camp Classes West Hampstead

This more challenging, varied and fun workout class assures you will be working yourself to your limit. Bootcamp will improve your overall strength and conditioning, but make it fun, come and try it out!
Boot Camp

Body Toning Classes West Hampstead

At Studio Society, our Body Toning Classes focus on perfecting certain aspects of the body, for example, our Legs, Bums and Tums Class Booty Blast is an isolation-exercise focused workout, targeting all areas of your core and glutes.

Pilates Classes West Hampstead

Our Fitness Pilates Classes follow the 6 principles developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates: Centring, Control, Concentration, Flow, Breath and Precision, but input into the form of a vigorous and energizing workout which can be modified to suit everyone, whatever your fitness levels are.

Yoga Classes West Hampstead

Improve your flexibility and find your inner calm with our Yoga classes, We'll move through right-side-up and upside-down, balance, with a generous dash of all-over tension relief!

Meditation Classes West Hampstead

At Studio Society our Meditation Classes are here to give you a safe space to temporarily detach from the stress of the world we live in in order to find your emotional balance. This class is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced meditators to feel the benefits of reduced stress, pain and anxiety.

Les Mills Classes West Hampstead

Our Les Mills classes will transport you around the world in immersive CGI animated environments as you work out, being led by our amazing virtual instructors. The added dimensions of sight, sound and scent will push your body harder than ever before.
Les Mills Classes

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‘It’s Amazing - like working out in an IMAX. It’s the future people’

Paul Irwin - Studio Society Member

What our members say...

Highly recommended

Brilliant Classes. Done a weeks worth of classes now with Ramone as the instructor. Enjoyed every one of them with him. He's very helpful and comes round to make sure your doing the technique correctly. Highly recommended.

Paul Brown

5 / 5

I'm in love

I'm in love. I've just joined two weeks ago, but it's been magic ever since. The variety of classes - amazing, giant studio - yay, super pleasant instructors - check, tidy and thought through changing rooms - also there! Highly recommend!.

Anya Yablonska

5 / 5

Constant motivating energy

A huge shoutout to Natty Boerescu - as a trainer, her RIDE classes are literally to die for! She's brilliant in her constant motivating energy, support and training in all the classes. Can't miss her class if you really want to pump yourself and enjoy!

Mehak A

5 / 5

Can't recommend it enough

This is by far the best studio I been to, the staff is super friendly and helpful. Can't recommend it enough.

Frida Sosa Najera

5 / 5

Massive for London

A fantastic boutique gym. The studios are massive for London and with a good diversity of classes this is definitely a great gym to visit.

Tim Webb

5 / 5

Super facilities

Love this place! Shoutout to Ramone - top lad and best instructor! Great classes, super facilities, worked up a good sweat. Props to the team for getting me in shape.

Melon Jacket

5 / 5

Video and immersive content

My favourite gym by a long way. Studio Society excels in group classes, with a great combination of classes delivered by trainers, video, and immersive content. I found it easy to book at quiet times, with even the busiest classes not too crowded. They get the basics right too, with clean facilities, great air conditioning, amazingly friendly staff and a feel-good atmosphere every single time I went.

Aaron C.

5 / 5

Always so welcoming

Studio society is such a great gym! The staff are always so welcoming and friendly and it has a real community feel. I've been going for nearly two years and would recommend to all that's looking for a great place to do classes and meet new people.

Kieran Prout

5 / 5

Super welcoming

Went to try out Andrea’s Sunday morning class and loved it! Liked how the class was short (30 minutes spinning and 20 minutes core) but intense! Will definitely sign up. Management was super welcoming and the gym held really high standards. Great place 🙂

Anaflksn x

5 / 5

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Benefits of Immersive Gym Classes

Floor-to-ceiling cinematic displays, synchronised lighting, surround sound and carefully crafted scents will consume your senses, adding another dimension to your workout that will drive you to push yourself harder than you ever have before- in fact 85% of gym members agree that they work harder under immersive conditions. These tantalising scenes are also responsible for enabling our gym goers to release their inhibitions in order to get more out of their workouts as 78% of members admitted that having these animated scenes in substitution of the standard studio mirrors made them feel less self-conscious during their workout.

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