High-intensity interval training combines bursts of cardio exercise with strategic rest intervals to create fast progress in fat burn, fitness and stamina.

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Our HIIT classes

HIIT Strength

To improve your fitness you need to challenge your body. HIIT Strength is an intense athletic training class that provides results fast. Using weights, plyometric and strength training taught using high intensity intervals, this class burns calories, builds lean muscle and improves stamina. By stressing your muscles your body will realise that change is required. You will see fast results through HIIT Strength.dy.


Block Fit incorporates four concepts into one empowering workout. Fusing Dance, Combat, HIIT and Yoga inspired moves and meditation. This class will take you through your paces and leave you with a balanced and focused sense of well-being.

H.I.P.E.D. with Lou

H.I.P.E.D. stands for High Intensity Plyometrics & Extreme Development and is an explosive workout designed to build muscle and transport you into a new realm of fitness. Lou will provide you with the tools to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve muscular strength endurance and develop power. H.I.P.E.D. utilises weight-based exercises such as heavy lifting, anaerobic efforts and explosive movements. Take your training to the next level and get H.I.P.E.D. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this is an intermediate/advanced class.
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